01 May 2009

WIFI at Campground No. 5

Yep, I just had the presence of mind to check for a connection here at the campground itself. And unsecured network is available. It's not strong--usually one bar--and it's not fast, but it sure as hell is better than driving 44 miles round trip into New Braunfels to log on at the Burger King. Plus I always feel compelled to purchase some piece of shit food item from Burger King to justify my presence. This will be easier on the budget. . . . .

easier on the budget if I can upload this blog entry, that is.

Let's see if it will go up . . . . . . .


Candy Minx said...

Wow...now THAT is cool. Campground and internet. You are alive!

Hey...I want to introduce you to a friend I think you might enjoy his blog. Steve meet Bloggerboy, Bloggerboy, meet Steve:


And while you are at it how about linking some of us to your blog Steve!




and my sister...for real...


Big hugs!


Steve said...

All right now, Candy. Let me see if I can figure out this linking thing. I did it once with yours; I can do it again.