12 May 2009

Walking Tour of Luckenbach with No Rants

My previous blog entry entitle The Motorcycle Hobbyists of Central Texas was an ill humored and ill advised rant. The beauty of this blog endeavor is that if one regrets something one wrote or said, one can just tear that entry down, which is exactly what I have done with that entry about the motorcycle hobbyists.

Last evening I cranked up the webcam on the laptop and with the artists' permission set it in front of them so that my daughter, Sarah, could watch and listen for awhile from Cedar Rapids. It worked fairly well. Afterward, Candace Kunz Miller, the young lady who sings with her husband in the duet known as T&C Miller suggested that I do a walking video tour for Sarah. I did not tell her that I had already done a drive through shooting. Instead I did the walk through as she suggested.

By the way, I recommend you sample "Cabin Fever" at T&C Miller's myspace site.

For those of you who are sick of touring Luckenbach, skip this. For others this one has a bit more easy going ambience than the one that degenerated into a general denegration of the Texan motorcycle hobbyists.

Luckenbach Walking Tour from Uncle Steve on Vimeo.

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