01 May 2009

Sattler, Texas

April 29, 2009, 9:00 p.m. KMFA-FM out of Austin plays great classical music. I built a fire tonight. I did not previously associate Mozart with camp fires, but the two actually go together very well.

The find of the day was the Full Gym in Sattler. I have not yet discovered any other name of the place. We do not fuck around with little gyms or one-third gyms or even three-quarters gyms in Sattler. We go with a Full Gym here. Really cute little place inside with lots of machines and weights and tread mills, all well worn but functional.

The Full Gym people charge $5.00 for one visit, which is about half of what I expected. And for that I get a shower, too! I can admit this now that I have had a shower today. I had not had a shower since leaving Iowa last Sunday.

It is 1.8 miles from my camp to the main road and 7.5 miles from there to Sattler for a one way trip of a shade under ten miles. My grocery store is there, too. Not a convenience store. A grocery store. I wish it all were a bit closer, but that's not bad. If I proceed on the same road, eventually I get back to the Texas Best Travel Center and the Burger King with the wifi hot spot as I did this morning. In addition to checking my email and posting the pictures to my blog, I was also able to recharge my camera battery at Burger King while I had a big cup of coffee. From here on the banks of the Guadalupe River to the banks of south bound I-35 in New Braunfels, it is a total of 22 miles and change.

Tomorrow I am going to buy more days at this camp ground and stay here through the weekend while I keep an eye on the pandemic as it develops.

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