01 May 2009

Pressure Cooker

I am well aware that over the course of the last couple entries, this blog has degenerated into “Boring Pictures of Steve's Vacation.” Now, however, we are going to do something exciting.

Nurse Rick's other incarnation is Sailor Rick, and in his Sailor Rick incarnation he insisted that I purchase a pressure cooker. The idea is that I can cook my specialty budget foods, beans and rice, in this pressure cooker in a fraction of the time and with the use of a fraction of the propane.

Here is my new pressure cooker. I purchased it at Ace Hardware after a search. The sales person initially pointed me to crock pots. I found the pressure cookers on my own. I did not raise hell with the sales person because she was bald and looked like she had been undergoing chemotherapy or something. This pressure cooker is a Presto four quart model. It is made of stainless steel rather than that cheap substitute, aluminum. It cost a bundle so I am going to have to cook a helluva lot of beans and rice in order to make it pay out, Rick.

Tonight is the maiden voyage. I have had these two cups of pinto beans soaking all day in water with a little oil and a little salt. Why pinto beans? Because I like the name and I like the looks of them and the name and the looks go well together.

It's onto the heat with it, twenty-five minutes of pressure-packed cooking! I am timing this with the stop watch feature on my iPod.

[Twenty-five Minutes and Six Seconds Later]

The pressure cooker is depressurizing. It is wonderful not to have to worry about burning the top of my table. That dark gray cylinder just to the left of “Kristina Loves Michael” is an insulated gizmo for slow cooking rice. I put a half cup of rice in it in the morning and fill it up with boiling water. Then in the evening I open it to eat my delicious, cooked, long-grained rice theoretically. This was a gift from Sailer Rick.

The rice is very crunchy this evening, Rick. How much rice am I supposed to put in it? I cannot eat this rice. Sorry. Just be patient with me, Rick, and give me the instructions again.

The pinto beans are a hit though. All I did was butter them and add salt and pepper. Very palatable. Now I need to figure out how to reheat them because two cups of beans cooked up into a huge pot full.

[Moments Later]

And I am full. Unfortunately, my thoughts have wandered to Kristina and Michael's frolics right here at Campsite No. 134 in Campground No. 5, which they probably undertook not too long ago. It has been a while since I have enjoyed the company of a woman in that way, and I am getting a little ripe. Excuse me, young people, while old Steve goes for a walk after dinner.

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Steve said...

And here is an interesting suggestion that I received via email from Bonnie Samuel (see links to the right):

As an alternative to the pinto beans, try rice and lentils mixed with sauteed onions (just chopped onion or scallion if you don't have a fry pan), seasoning and maybe cheese. Do over campfire, not the pressure cooker.I am going to try that.