19 May 2009

Paper Plates

May 19, 2009, 12:05 p.m., Public Library, Mineola, Texas.

Rick, I have been doing my best to give up paper plates, but it is harder than quitting smoking. I have a “value pack” of foam plates, the worst kind, stashed in the camper and probably should get rid of them just to eliminate the temptation. However, I have been successfully staying out of them for some time now in deference to our friendship and joint love of the environment.

But last Sunday morning, these boys, who were my neighbors at the Pine Mills campground, cooked breakfast. They offered me scrambled eggs and American fries with strips of sausage and left over sirloin steak mixed in. . . . . . .on a paper plate. I tried to form the words, “No, thank you. Rick and I do not use paper plates in deference to our friendship and joint love of the environment.” I also tried to form the word "vegetarian." Rick, the words would simply not come out. I wolfed down that breakfast and disposed of the paper plate in the trash can.

This morning, I cooked myself. One of my main dishes was rice out of the pressure cooker. Without thinking and after days of not using them, I dished up my helpings of rice on one of those foam plates. Using that paper plate Sunday was like lighting up a cigarette after a long layoff. Other paper plates quickly follow. I must invoke my paper plate relapse correction program.

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