28 May 2009

Nil desperandum

After last evening I must go to bed a bit earlier than usual. And tomorrow is a big day what with Mexico Mike and all.

I could not let the sun go down on that last, somewhat smarmy blog entry without adding that this place is the best place so far. These people, residents and staff, are incredibly convivial. The plantings are beautiful, as you have seen. It is meticulously maintained and yet comes at a fair price. It is quiet. Bikers are not welcome here. My shower stall is luxuriously vast. Huge toads stand watch for me like gargoyles outside my shower and men's room building at night. Things strange and delightful to me abound.

Right now the temperature is perfect, and the excessive humidity has been washed from the air. I nodded off for a bit outside and overdid my tanning session, but not badly. And I do not think that my mouth drooped open. I know there was no saliva on the front of my shirt when I awoke.

I am quite content. I hope all who are reading this are quite content this evening, too, wherever they are. All will be well, I assure you.

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