11 May 2009

Motorcycle Hobbyists in Texas

The intended purpose of this video is to give you a better visual feel for the environs in which I find myself now, and particularly, that strange place called Luckenbach, Texas.

There is an unintended import to this video, however. It serves to demonstrate how far I have to go in the development of my tolerance for my fellow man. I continue to work on this diligently.

Motorcycle Hobbyists in Texas from Uncle Steve on Vimeo.

It was said of Voltaire, I believe it was, that while he detested mankind generally, he loved individual men.

In a neat little statement of the converse, it was said of somebody else whom I cannot recall that while he hated individual men, he loved mankind generally. I am not up to researching all that right now. Perhaps someone could help me in the comments section.

Back to Voltaire, I think it was. Similarly, it can be said of me that although I detest motorcycle fucks generally, if I were to meet an individual motorcycle fuck, I might grow fond of him. I do not know how we are going to test this proposition when I adamantly refuse to talk to any of them, but still, I'm just saying. . . . . .

I continue to work on this tolerance thing diligently.

But here is the positive thing that those motorcycle fucks do for me. They make me so thankful for my sons-in-law, Ed, John, and Chuck. I do not know what I would have done if one of my daughters had gotten wound around the axle with one of those motorcycle fucks. At the end of every day during which I have encountered a bunch of those motorcycle fucks--and that seems like every day now--I take a quiet moment to give thanks for Ed, John, and Chuck. I know I speak for my son, Matt, too, when I say what a wonderful thing it is to have them married to these young women of mine.

After giving thanks I always ask that continued strength be granted to Ed, John, and Chuck so that they can continue on in marriage to these young women. Even though I love them more than life itself, I am not blind to the faults of my daughters. God knows, I have had my ups and downs with them myself. And so I live in some moderate but constant dread that Ed or John or Chuck will weaken at some point and start to crave the company of a quiet, dull, submissive, doting, unintelligent, totally uninteresting woman who is very easy to live with. I just hope that if this occurs with one of them, he will come to me so that we can discuss what needs to be done to keep him in the fold. Because if one of my guys throws up his hands and leaves, that particular daughter might very well get involved with one of those motorcycle fucks, in which case I wouldn't know what to do.


Sarah said...

Now dad, should you really be filming while driving?!?

spike said...

Well Uncle Steve, this is riveting stuff. I can't wait to get the current post each day. I wish I had the balls to give up all the vice's and set out on an adventure like this!

Steve said...

Yes, dear.

Welcome, Spike! I was about to tear down this entry because upon reconsidering it, I found it too grumpy. Now that you have posted your comment underneath it, however, I cannot.

Everybody will just have to chalk it up to a bad day for me.

Steve said...

Oh, and Spike, Miss Jenkins my landlord says the burn ban is off for the time being. We can build a campfire in the main square of the campground. However, we will have to split some wood for her. Try to remember to throw the ax and wedge in the trunk of the Chrysler before you take off.

Steve said...

I love you, Sarah.

spike said...

I did not think your piece was to grumpy Uncle Steve, if anything hilarious. Being an X motorcycle fuck myself, every thing posted seemed right on!