22 May 2009


Today is a travel day, Pine Mills back south to Luckenbach. The camper trailer is down, packed, and hooked onto the truck. I have stopped at the Mineola Public Library on the way south through town to check my email and make sure I haven't died and gone to heaven. I hope that if that has happened, someone would let me know.

Now here is one of the nicest men in the world. This is T-Roy's daddy, Mr. Miller to me. He has been my landlord for the past week. He is a master of the art of passing the time of day, one of the few men I can sit and visit with for as long as two hours without knocking back a six pack of beer while I'm doing it. I hope to see him again soon.

Back to the camper for a moment. You know, the stuff you pack in the camper for a road trip of any length is going to get the hell beat out of it back there. After towing that camper for a day, it's as if someone had gotten in the thing and laid about inside with a baseball bat. So there is one thing I have discovered. If you find a screw lying loose on the floor, put that thing away and save it. God did not start spitting out screws and distributing them on the floor of your camper. That screw came out of something, and sooner or later you will stumble onto the empty hole that needs a screw. . . . . . . Come to think of it, you should write that down. Words to live by.

Wednesday evening I drove down to Tyler to see T&C Miller play at a winery there. I actually put on some slacks, loafers, and a Tommy Bahama silk shirt with a collar. I should have taken a picture of myself.

In any event, Tyler is dry. It is a very bustling town, and it is strange to drive through a place like that and see nary a bar. But here is the deal with the winery. In Texas if you are selling a product that is produced from local material, you get all kinds of special dispensations. This winery operation grows its grapes in that county, and therefore, they are allowed to sell their wine to take out or to drink in their shop in Tyler. This was a very pretty place and quite large. Among the big casks of wine in the back were several trestle tables where the alcohol starved of Tyler can actually go in, sit down, drink wine, and get drunk in public. T&C Miller did a great show there, 6:00 to 9:00.

There is something else I wanted to tell you, but I cannot remember what it was. I will think of it on the road.

Oh I know what one thing was. My running route in Pine Mills was out on a blacktop straight west toward Little Hope, Texas, to a bridge where I turned around and ran back. That was a perfect 5K. Yesterday, I got out there a little late in the morning. We are just on the edge now of some serious Texas heat, and I took a beating on that blacktop. The Pointer Sisters on the iPod had to carry me up that last hill. From now on I am getting out there for the running a lot earlier. The running in midday is all done now.


msmith2671 said...

Gary and I were going to move to Tyler, but decided on Hixson, TN (outside of Chattanooga) instead as it is halfway between CR and Melbourne. Wendy and John just left yesterday morning. I miss them terribly. Poor Paige was sick while here; we are thinking she might be lactose intolerant. I saw Lisa, et al., week before last in CR. All were well.

Steve said...

I was very impressed with Tyler. It really is quite an attractive city in the older parts. Of course the shopping center strip to the south looks like every other city in the United States. But the rest of it is very cool.

Candy Minx said...

Love these pics!