29 May 2009

Mexico Mike in the Flesh!

That is my very high end Tommy Bahama Tee of course, and I went with my hair up, as you can see.

I made my appearance at Mexico Mike's house this afternoon right on time. It is a much nicer home than I expected for some reason. I really don't know why I expected something tawdrier. Nice little tastefully done ranch house.

We talked generally about my plans and his Mexican travel consulting business, the books on the subject he has published as well as the new one just submitted to the University of Texas Press for publication. Don't hit that button! I am not going to tell you any more about that.

The parrots, however, were impressive in one way but disappointing in another. They were beautiful birds beautifully kept, but this is another parrot rescue operation. These birds have been abused and therefore are not entirely rational in the bird sense of the term.

You see the size of the bars on this cage?

There is a good reason for those bars. This bird wants to kill you.

It was oh so obvious to me that this fuckin' bird wanted to kill me, let me tell you. And this photo does no justice to the size of the thing. My theory is that whoever abused this bird must have been wearing a very high end Tommy Bahama Tee.

This bird does not have quite the size of the other one, and he is a very attractive bird. He is just as psychopathic though. There are big bars here for a reason, too. This guy likes to go for your eyes—blind you.

See how big that cat's eyes are? That cat is scared shitless that those birds might get out.

Here is the birds' exercise yard. It is being repaired right now because one of them tore out a couple of bars.

See, I had this idea that one would sit on my shoulder. Maybe one would lie on its back in my hands. Maybe I could at least pet one. I have done that with cockatoos before. I have done that with parrots before. Usually, parrots and I are just like that. Not out there at Mexico Mike's house. Those damned birds are terrifying.

Mexico Mike is getting married this weekend! His fiancée, Nicki (I am guessing at the spelling of that) lives there at the house, too, but she was working. I did not get to meet her. The parrots actually belong to Nicki.


spike said...

I misplaced my program.......how did you meet Mexico Mike?

Señor Steve said...

I stumbled onto his web site and paid him to consult with me on my Mexican trip, Spike. We have been corresponding since early February. He has drawn custom made maps for me and answered all kinds of questions.

You can see some of our correspondence in the archives. Go to the right side of the screen, and find "archives." Click on February and scroll down.

I will also once again make the first mention of his name in this entry a link to his web site so that you can see that. Just click on his name the first time you see it up there.

spike said...

Thanks Steve, I'll try to keep up!