05 May 2009

Local Orientation

I have found a map of the Canyon Lake area online that will orient you a bit better if you are interested. Jim and I are camped out on the end of the peninsula marked with the boxed numbers 18 and 19, which are boat ramps. You can also see the relative location of Sattler and a few other burgs on this map.

I like this map even better. After you look around on the map, click on "Satellite." You can then zoom in on the satellite photo. If you will give me some advance warning of when you are going to do that, I will wave at you.

Kindly do not pass this information along to the process servers.


Lynn said...

I thought you were leaving Canyon Lake Campground #5 yesterday at 2:00. I take it they allowed you to stay longer... seeing as how the place isn't exactly crowded.

Steve said...

There have been some slight alterations to the plan--very slight. I have decided that I would like to go tubing on the Guadalupe River before I leave.

No, the place is not only not crowded, Lynn, it is not occupied. All I have to do is give the attendants another $8.00 American, and I can stay another night.

Steve said...

. . . . .with the exception of Jim of course. Jim is still here.

Ruth said...

Aha! Now I realize where you are. My former husband and I lived in San Antonio for a summer in 1957, whilst he was in forced servitude to the US Army.

Hot, MUGGY, cicadas, no AC... We used to drive up to New Braunfels to a local watering hole whenever we could, just to cool off. (The alternative was going to another bad movie at Fort Sam, only 25 cents and it was air conditioned.)