01 May 2009

Canyon Park Tour

April 30, 2009, 8:30 p.m. There was just a bit of sunshine in the Hill Country today for a change. I got a very good start on my tan.

Thank goodness I decided to find a way to make room for a bicycle when I was packing. It was a delightful day for a bicycle ride, and I was able to explore the rest of Canyon Park including the campgrounds below me.

The park is surrounded by Canyon Lake on three sides. The pictures above are some views in various directions from Campground No. 5.

These are photos of Campgrounds Nos. 4, 3, and 2 below me.

The park has its own bar and restaurant called The Lucky Sailer. The Lucky Sailor must have burned down in the recent past. It is obviously in the process of being rebuilt.

Below The Lucky Sailor is the marina.

Rest time.

I lounged facing to the rear of my campsite this evening as the sun went down. I had no idea how much action there is back there at that time of day. I saw my first live armadillo emerge from the brush and root around in the grassy area behind my camp. Live armadillos are much more entertaining than dead ones by the edge of the road. Then one of the local jackrabbits appeared. These are huge rabbits with grotesquely large ears. There is also a species of humming birds here that is so tiny that the birds are easily mistaken for insects. I will take a shot at getting photos of these creatures before I leave. (No pun intended.)

It was a great day to be alive in The Hill Country.


Candy Minx said...

Oh I greatly enjoyed these pictures. And it really is a good thing you packed your bike, perfect light for biking.

Steve said...

It is PERFECT for light biking, Candy. The trail bike people are thick here back up in the boonies behind me. It's a big trail bike destination around here obviously.

Steve said...

Or am I supposed to say "mountain bike?" What's the difference anyhow?