04 May 2009

Canyon Lake Upgrade

I am warming to this Canyon Lake area and have decided to upgrade it from Lake Delhi category to Lake Okoboji category. (My apologies to my non-Iowan visitors who have no idea what I am talking about.) The surface area of this lake is 8,230 acres, and it has 80 miles of shoreline. For further info please see the wikipedia article on Canyon Lake, Texas. That is particularly for you, Sheila, since you asked for a bit more geographical orientation.

I am warming to the area topography, too. I have three decent photos taken with the camera pointed up the canyon, but I am having trouble uploading them right now, perhaps because they are wide angle. I will try again later.

I am proud of my abilities with a single lens reflex film camera. I studied hard and can take light readings, manually set the aperture and speed, bracket an exposure with several shots, and on and on. I am still a bit flummoxed by the new digital camera though. I am not getting the color saturation that I like and am dissatisfied in other ways, but the failing is mine and not the camera's. I will continue to work on it. Also, the light here is central Texas is strange in a way very difficult to describe. . . . . . . .

Here they are! The problem was that they were huge files. I simply had to reduce the size.


Ruth said...

Looks pretty, Steve. I may revise my opinion that the only use for Texas is to keep the Gulf of Mexico out of Oklahoma.

Steve said...

I used to harbor the very same attitude, Ruthie. I could never figure out why we fought the Mexicans for the place. I felt that when Texas seceded from the union, we should have bid her a fond adieu and went our separate ways peaceably.