23 May 2009

Back South

May 23, 2009, 1:33 p.m., Luckenbach Dance Hall

I arrived back in Luckenbach last evening at around 9:00 p.m. The trip counter in the truck said roughly 350 miles. This is the second time that I have put up the camper in the dark. I am getting that process down.

One of the things Mr. Miller loves to do is discuss and compare various ways to get from Point A to Point B on the highways and byways of the State of Texas. So before my departure from Pine Mills yesterday, we got out my road atlas and discussed the best route back to Luckenbach. He had me going over hill and dale on back country blacktops, and I am really glad he did. It forced me to slow down and soak things up a bit more. On the other hand I really did not lose that much time because I was traveling much more nearly to the way the crow flies.

It was the scenic route for sure, especially after Waco. Texas Farm Road 116. Texas Farm Road 580. And others. (Don't ask me why “farm road” and not “ranch road.”) Gatesville and then little places like Pidcote, Rumley, and Topsey, Texas. The Brazos River at Waco, and then the Leon River and the Colorado River at Marble Falls. Marble Falls is really quite a stunning river town visually. They really should have more photos of the city at their web site.

But the real and ongoing pleasure of the drive was simply the Texas countryside during the second half of that drive back into the Hill Country. It is extremely pleasing to the eye, I must admit. I did not stop to take pictures. It was just this vast, rolling, moderately wooded countryside with beautiful, beautiful ranch houses.

These ranch homes gave new meaning to the term “ranch home” for me. They are huge, sprawling affairs of one story, of course. But most indicate that some very serious architectural thought was given to harmonizing them with the surroundings. They are not garish at all. Just impressive.

Right now I am sitting in the Luckenbach Dance Hall listening to the afternoon show as thunderstorms roll through outside raising hell with the motorcycle hobbyists. But I know everyone is pretty well sick of reading about Luckenbach. I will spare you that this Memorial Day Weekend, and then we will find something new in Texas to explore.


spike said...

I'm no expert on motorcycle hobbyists, but when the wheather gets shitty, it gives them a chance to dress up in thier over priced garb and profess no fear.

Steve said...

You are quite correct, Spike. The finery that I saw yesterday in cool, rainy weather was unbelievable. All of which reminds me that I need to clarify my distaste for this particular breed of motorcycle hobbyist. You and my pal, Hugo, are good motorcyclists and fine Americans, and I need to explain the difference. I have had some questions via email about this.

spike said...

Thanks for not scolding me on the mis-spelled words Steve......christ I could do better if I'd quit sending these in the middle of the night!

Steve said...

We're not all that finicky about spelling here, Spike.