31 May 2009

Another Video Tour

After extraordinary efforts I believe that I have made the worst, most boring video in the world. It is not as if I cannot make a decent video. If you will go to the February archives and take a look at Harvest 51 at February 23, you will see a pretty decent video that I did. I am proud of that one. Tonya likes it. My children like it. Spike likes it. Other people like it. But the equipment was cooking, and I was cooking when I made that one.

I think I will submit this one to the Guiness people for consideration as the least well done, most boring video in the world. However, this video has now become highly relevant to the preceding blog entry. And it does show the highly civilized fashion in which I am living right now.

I may have dreamed the part about those toads craning their necks to look at me. I don't know.

Here is the video. Do not watch it.


spike said...

Roundup.......the weed killer, I believe is called Roundup. Nice tour.....very helpful!

Señor Steve said...

Roundup! Absolutely, Spike! Thank you. That name would not come to me, but I don't need that name anymore either.