07 May 2009

God spoke to me and said, "Go to Luckenbach, Texas."

So I noticed today that once again some local referred to Jim as "Doc." I asked him about this at my campsite this morning over coffee. Jim simply handed me a business card. It said "James M. Jeffers, N.D., Ph.D., Member of American Naturopathic Medical Association. [I have changed Jim's last name here, this being the internet and all.] Jim is a Naturopathic Family Practitioner. And all I have is a flimsy Juris Doctorate. I am stunned. I don't know what to think about this. I need a break.

My free float on the Guadalupe River was postponed until tomorrow morning, Friday morning. Right after that is finished, I am throwing the camper trailer back together, hitching it up, and moving to Luckenbach, Texas, for about a week before I make the assault on Mexico. There is lots of live music going on in Luckenbach over the next few days.

The Outdoor Stage at Luckenbach

The Old General Store at Luckenbach

The Dance Hall at Luckenbach

The Men's Room and the Women's Room at Luckenbach

I visited Luckenbach yesterday afternoon and felt as if I had come home. I thought I had mellowed out about as much as I could, but after an hour in Luckenbach, I was talking so slowly that I could barely say anything at all. I cannot wait to get back there for the weekend.

I will be staying at Armadillo Farm Campground, which is maybe 500 yards outside Luckenbach on the banks of South Grape Creek.


Bloggerboy FFM said...

Steve, those local websites you are linking to are wonderful, easily as good as old roadside billboard ads or neon signs from bygone days. I think the same person must have designed the Armadillo Campground site and the River Rafting Site. I particularly like the internal link buttons that look like splats of bird shit.

Anonymous said...

Keep the updates coming, Steve. Absolutely love them.

M. Hlas

Steve said...

You are very close, Bloggerboy. That is actually chicken shit. There are chickens walking around everywhere here. I don't know what the deal is with all these fuckin' chickens. I need to ask someone. A small chicken woke me up this morning.

I won't quit, Mike. At least I won't quit until I make a valiant attempt to capture this Luckenbach thing. First, I have to find a way to stop laughing. . . .I'm laughing with 'em, mind you, not at 'em.