14 April 2009

On It Goes

It's Tuesday morning, April 14. I am sitting in Deb's Ice Cream Parlor and Deli. She has wifi. I am contemplating what more needs to be done to get out of here.

Last Saturday Rick Robinson came to farm where I am setting up the camper. He provided me with a solar panel and wired the storage batter on the camper in order to connect it so that the solar panel can charge it. We also added additional insulation to the cavity where the ice box mounts.

Up at the farm now I simply have to get the various supplies, clothes, blankets, cooking utensils and such packed in the truck and camper. Down here in Cedar Rapids I continue to work on getting the office cleaned out. I have one more legal project to complete before leaving, and I will try to get that done today. I am very close to seeing downtown Cedar Rapids for the last time in a long time.

I wanted to leave tomorrow, but it looks more like this weekend now. Rick is coming back to the farm on Thursday evening to wire some plugs into the 12 volt system on the camper.

On it goes.

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