29 April 2009

Canyon Lake

April 28, 2009, 3:15 p.m. There comes a time at the beginning of every neophyte camper trailer operator's career when he must stop towing the trailer around and set up the camper. More about that later. First, a bit about the Texas Hill Country and Canyon Lake right in the middle of Texas Hill Country because that is where I am right now.

Texas Hill Country is full of flora and fauna with which I am unfamiliar. The trees are scrubby, juniperish looking plants, but they soon become good company. First, they do not need any legal services. Second, they are generally quiet and only whisper a little bit in the wind right now, which goes beautifully with Brückner on FM radio.

Lastly, they are commonly occupied by lizards such as this little guy, whose name is T. E. Lawrence or just Lawrence.

Lawrence lives in the tree right by my camper.

It is now partly cloudy, and a good thing it is, too. This morning as it began to rain again on my drive over here from New Braunfels, I had had enough of the rain. I was ready to purchase an assault rifel, six banana clips, a crate of ammunition, and start wiping out the families of those men who are not making their boat payments. Damn, this has been a long stretch of rain through Kansas, Okahoma, and Texas. The rest of these pictures were taken early this morning.

Canyon Lake is an area maintained by the Corps of Engineers. In fact Canyon Lake is an area created by the Corps of Engineers. Look at this huge berm they constructed to create the lake. Look at the early morning fog. Look at the misty rain.

Here are some early morning hikers walking along the top of the berm in the morning fog and rain. Is “berm” the correct word? Whatever the correct word, it is huge. It dwarfs the Coralville Dam.

I wanted to slip this picture of my camper trailer in here to show you how many lights it has. Isn't that impressive? When I drive at night, I look just like a Freightliner or a Kenworth or one of those with the obscene sounding name that I cannot think of.

When I drove to the top of the scenic overlook to catch my first glimpse of the lake, this is the less than spectacular view I had.

It would be easy to make fun of the Canyon Lake area, but I am not going to do that. I am not going to say things like, “Canyon Lake is just like Lake Delhi but without all the excitement.” Here are some random shots of the area to give you a feel for the architecture.

La Casa del Lago (Yes, that's lavender)

They should have had this sign up to greet the first white settlors and urge them to keep moving just like those signs that used to be put up at the edge of some southern towns urging black folks to keep moving. Folks have made a mess here.

But all that did was inspire me to participate in the desecration of the landscape in my own small way. I had trouble finding any of the Corps' campgrounds initially.

This is the Roadhouse Bar & Grill. It is an important landmark because it is one of the very few places with a circular drive. That is imortant for those of us who are rusty at backing up a vehicle with a trailer hitched to it. We need places to turn around. I visited the Roadhouse Bar & Grill several times while searching for campgrounds.

I did most certainly find one eventually, and I did business with the old guy at the gate. This particular campground has no electricity or running water. However, it only costs $8.00 per night to stay here. That is because there is no electricity or running water, which simply means that I must use Rick's solar panel to keep my storage battery charged, which in turn powers a light and some miscellaneous 12 volt accessories.

Rick, the little three-hole, 12-volt plug that you wired in for me took a beating during the drive. It was lying loose on the couch when I first got into the trailer. Where did you have that wired in? I do not need my little 12-volt fan yet, but I may need it very soon.

Here are pictures of my campsite. Canyon Park is situated on a hill. The hill is circle by roads at various levels making it like a layer cake. My campsite is Campground No. 5 on the very top of the layer cake. Right now I have all of Campground No. 5 to myself. There is nobody else here except maybe God.


Zephyr said...

Hey, Steve!

Finally had a moment to check out your blog. First attempt when I clicked on the blog brought up a video of some seminar about the "End of Europe" (because it is being taken over by the Muslims). to get rid of it I had to log off and start over again. Then when "Solipsist" came up I thought damned it now I have a site that Jenn my granddaughter must have been on. She recently wrote a paper about Lolita in which she used solipsist and that, I'm sort'a embarrassed to admit, was a new vocab for me. Jenn, a Spanish major at UI, writes very well.

But I then saw that it was really your blog. I like the way you tell it like it is and relate your perspective on places you enjoy, comsumerism, use of resources, and so on. It's like having a conversation with you and I don't know where it's going!

I have a date with a friend, woman friend, in 15 minutes, so have to go, but wanted to tell you that I'm enjoying your journey!!

Bye for now,

Sue Jorgensen

Wendy said...

At least if you need any minnows, they'll be happy ones.

Steve said...

Thank you for the note, Sue. Come back anytime.

Happy minnows for sure, Wendy. I love that bait shop and wish I had the money to buy it. The pictures do not do the tackiness justice.