29 April 2009

Campground No. 5, Site No. 134

Yes, that left support for the awning is sitting in the grill. I intended to do that in order to demonstrate what can happen if you underestimate the space needed for your awning.

Y'all have to admit that this is an awfully good look for me. Unfortunately, nobody else here in central Texas dresses this way. It's a little embarrassing and dismaying. I pretty much always leave my hat in the truck when going into public places because they stare, and the little children tend to yell, "Look, momma. A cowboy!". As if they have never seen a real cowboy before. Sheez!


Mentzer said...

If I was quicker at the trigger I would have recommended:


It would have paired nicely with Carlton whilst traversing the breadbasket - maybe on your way back.

John said...

Not too bad, Steve, but I still must censure you on the lack of an appropriate belt buckle.

From the smile on your face, it appears that you may have recovered from your negative rant of a few days ago.

Camper is nice, by the way. All the comforts of home (almost). Good that you have not lost the ability to improvise.

Steve said...

I will check that out, Mark, but I am sitting in the Burger King again now. I need to find a different wifi hot spot.

John, the camper is working well, but I brought way too much stuff. I have purchased more days at this site to take me through the weekend while I watch the pandemic unfold. (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights cost $12.00 a pop, damn it.) Then I intend to make a move to a location closer to the border. Before repacking and folding down the camper, I am going to be making a trip to a dumpster.

Sheila said...

Love the hat!

Sheila said...

The camper look real neat! I take it that it is a new purchase?

The best travel advice I ever got...lay all the clothes etc that you want to take out, lay out all the money you want to take, half the amount of stuff and double the money! For me it basically works as a rule of thumb, yet I still carrry too much stuff :)