27 April 2009

Ardmore, Oklahoma

11:00 a.m. I am here in the Ardmore, Oklahoma, public library, which has a great wifi connection by the way. It enabled me to fix the broken links to the two pictures in my last posting.

I only thought the rain was behind when I wrote that posting. The rain that I drove through in Kansas was incredible last night. I have no idea what shape the inside of my camper trailer is in. We will see soon.

On the other hand I did not see one inch of Kansas in the daylight, which is a blessing. I am not going to make fun of Kansas though. That is too easy. I am not going to say things like, “Kansas is just like Nebraska but without the excitement.”

I took these pictures in Norman, Oklahoma, this morning at 7:30 a.m. for huge Sooner fan Scott Wingert at midwestauction.com

Back to the equipment for a moment. The truck and trailer actually handle better loaded than they did empty when I hauled the trailer to the farm from Anamosa. In spite of the awful weather, we covered some serious ground last night.

As soon as I cross the line into Texas in a few minutes, I am going to dig around in the back of my truck, take off my Sears hiking boots, and put on my cowboy boots. Gotta blend in.


John said...

Yer lookin' good, pard. Billy Sims looks like a troglodyte, however. As far as region-appropriate apparel is concerned I would recommend, in addition to the cowboy boots, a MUCH bigger belt buckle. And don't forget to acquire a decal from your favorite NASCAR driver to put on the rear window of your truck. That will help compensate for the fact that it is not an F-250. As for the swine flu, just keep movin' and maybe it won't find you. If it does, just park your rig in an arroyo for a while until it blows over so you don't contribute to the pandemic.

Steve said...

What excellent suggestions, John. I will undertake all of these. First, the belt buckle.