25 March 2009

Why Mexico?

One of the obvious questions is, “Why Mexico?” The idea of spending some time in Mexico to clear my head took root in that same head before I ever really asked this question of myself. I have given it some thought since.

If the point were simply to get out of the country, I should go to Canada. It is a more hospitable place right now. It is closer. I have always wanted to visit Montreal, as a matter of fact. But Canada seems unsuitable to my purpose.

Mexico is suitable to my purpose for a simple reason. It is the most alien setting readily available to me. The fact that a different language is spoken there is important. The fact that it is a Hispanic culture instead of a northern European one is important. I want to be in a place where simple tasks like getting something to eat, buying gasoline, and finding a place to camp so totally engage my mind that there is no space left in my head for contemplation of the wreckage that surrounds me here.

That is the answer to the question, “Why Mexico?”


Sheila said...

I spent about a month in Mexico during my Central America road trip in 2005. I loved it. How long are you planning to be away? You must check out Ixpuha on the Cancum coast I stayed in a private camp ground there right on the beach, very quite, cheap, not much in the way of facilities but boy does it have the beach, peace, quiet, sand and sea righ, and I mean right outside the tent! Tremendous place, spent 4 days there if I recall correctly.

Steve said...

Oooooooooh, I am very interested in that, Sheila. I am going to stay in Mexico as long as it takes, however long that may be. It is pitch black here right now. When the sun comes up, I will spread out the big Mexican map on the picnic table and check out this place you are describing.