09 March 2009

Who's Still Here and Who's Gone

On Saturday April 30 the children and I had a family meeting at my apartment. The three who live locally were there. Wendy, who lives in Omaha, attended by way of video conference on the computer. I don't recall our ever having had a family meeting before. I needed their suggestions on how to distribute the apartment stuff among them and my granddaughter Natalie, who wants her own apartment soon.

I love those four characters.

My friend Betty is probably gone. She simply cannot comprehend what is going on with me and why I am doing this. And who can blame her for chrissakes? It is hard to answer her telephone calls knowing that I must then sit there for fifteen or twenty minutes and listen to her chew my ass. Still, I feel I owe her that much--the listening, I mean.

But Betty is gone, I'm sure.

My first wife's husband, Gary, is a cool customer. He is a recovering alcoholic, too, although he's been dry for a long, long time. He says that in order to get where I want to go, I must step over some bodies.

I am stepping over some bodies.

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