03 March 2009

An Inch at a Time

This morning I drove over to Anamosa. Russ and the boys--I am becoming fond of these guys--Russ and the boys installed the hitch on my pickup.

This afternoon I drafted the documents necessary to close another estate, reviewed them with my client, and got his signature.

Closing cases; gearing up.

My daughter Sarah emailed me a link to the State Department's new travel warning on Mexico today.

I want to explore Mexico a bit, and no bunch of narcotraficantes are going to scare me off this. . . . .I don't think.

If I am shot and hit, it will save me the trouble of getting old. That's the way I feel about it right now anyway. Perhaps I will feel differently when I am getting shot at.

1 comment:

Stephen Brassawe said...

This is you sending a comment to you three and half years later. You only got shot at once, and he missed. You are still alive. Stop worrying.