25 March 2009

Accentuate the Positive

Last month I gave notice of termination of my tenancy in both my apartment and my office. I am starting to feel the pressure of the necessity to vacate my apartment and my office at the same time. I think I am going to have to pay for an additional month in the office in order to get out of it. That way I can concentrate on vacating the apartment in the one week left to me in April.

Just to keep up my spirits, I need to contemplate what I have gotten done to this point:

1. I have purchased my camper trailer and had the hitch mounted on my truck. I spoke with Russ at the RV dealership yesterday. The components are in to complete the wiring of my truck to handle the lights on the trailer. I have the plates for the trailer, and it is ready to pick up in a little over a week.

2. I have my Mexican car permit allowing me to cross the border in my truck with the camper trail on May 1 and stay for six months.

3. I have filed my income tax returns and paid the tax.

4. I have told everyone who needs to be told, with mixed results.

5. I had my passport already, but that counts as an accomplishment.

6. I have made great progress in getting cases closed or getting the clients transferred either to Dave Thinnes or Hugo Burdt.

There’s a start.

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