24 February 2009

Reynoso, Mexico

Goddamnit! Reynoso, Mexico, across from McAllen, Texas, had looked to me to be the quietest border city and therefore the most suitable for my crossing given the flare up of the drug war in other border cities. But now Reynosa has lit up, too:

Often over the course of the last four months as I have plotted this I have said to myself, "One last adventure. One last adventure." But I really did not intend that literally.

Ah, well. My soul is at peace. If I am killed trying to make this crossing, so be it. However, I would prefer not to be kidnapped and tortured first.

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Stephen Brassawe said...

This you sending a comment to you from three and half years in the future. You crossed at Reynosa. It was a mess entirely of your own making, but you made it. You are still alive now.