26 February 2009

Constant Reader

What would I have done through the years without my online reading group?

Constant Reader

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Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoy

Start date: February 1, 2009

Evidence of Things Unseen: A N...
Evidence of Things Unseen: A Novel

by Marianne Wiggins

Start date: February 15, 2009

[I have excised a reference here to an unfortunate matter from the past related to my reading group. We are not going to have any more investigations into the past here let alone any prosecutions. We are not even going to have any truth commissions. As my President says, we are going to look forward now.

What's done is done. We'll get past all this stuff in Mexico.]

24 February 2009

Reynoso, Mexico

Goddamnit! Reynoso, Mexico, across from McAllen, Texas, had looked to me to be the quietest border city and therefore the most suitable for my crossing given the flare up of the drug war in other border cities. But now Reynosa has lit up, too:

Often over the course of the last four months as I have plotted this I have said to myself, "One last adventure. One last adventure." But I really did not intend that literally.

Ah, well. My soul is at peace. If I am killed trying to make this crossing, so be it. However, I would prefer not to be kidnapped and tortured first.

Mexico Mike

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Thanks, Steve. Let me know what all you need. You can also call me at 512---------. I will be most pleased to help you.

23 February 2009

Harvest Number 51

An interlude . . . .

Status Quo

I started to regain consciousness, as I like to think of it, around my sixty-first birthday in March of 2008. I had completed substance abuse treatment in 2007 and stayed sober to that point as I have to this day. As does anyone who awakens in a strange place, I blinked and looked around me. There was wreckage as far as the eye could see. I’m talking about my life. The extent of the devastation took my breath away. How could a man not generally reputed to be a fuckup have fucked up so much?

In the meantime. . . . .

A poem of the same name:


You really do not enjoy some separate existence
Other than your existence as informed
By my own sensory perceptions of you,
Which is admittedly a pretty tenuous existence,
But I can’t help that.

Blog to Come

Patience, my friends. Active blogging will commence on this site during the first week of April 2009 if not before.