16 March 2017

I Had Nothing to Do With It


I wish to state again, once and for all, that I had no personal involvement whatsoever in organizing that bus convoy that ferried thousands of citizens of Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote there for Mrs. Clinton . . . after they had already voted in Massachusetts of course. I can only assume that there is something about my appearance that causes these arch-conservatives around here--all good friends otherwise--to persist in asking me about it.

08 January 2017

Dennis McMurrin

Here is how it all came about. I was chatting with Doug Blumer of Gamut Productions. We are both long time fans of Dennis McMurrin, and we both bemoaned the fact that there are no acceptable videos available of him performing. Half of the fun of Dennis McMurrin is watching him do what he does. We decided to do what we could to remedy this.

13 December 2016

Take Me to the River

Time for a musical interlude recorded live here in The Chicken House on 4 December. 

The Inimitable Tony Brown: Guitar and Lead Vocal;
Dan Johnson: Bass and Background Vocal;
Dennis McMurrin: Guitar and Background Vocal;

Recording Engineer: Doug Bloomer of Gamut Productions, Hiawatha, Iowa.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

10 December 2016


All walls are constructed for the specific purpose of being breached.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall . . . .
--Robert Frost

What is that word?

What is that word?

18 November 2016

Out of the Fog

Fog on the Farm in October

I am commencing an all out effort to revive this old blog. Miss the friends hereabouts. More to come.

In the meantime because the blog comments have been overrun with spam, comments will be moderated in the future. I will moderate the posted comments regularly now, however, Feel free.